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I am  Marvelea’s husband and Dad to Matt, Nicole, Grant, and Tiffany. I am Grampy to Blu, Pax, Kai, Scotland, and Goldie.

My various endeavors have included hosting the Rick Enloe Variety Show on CBS radio in Seattle, teaching life lessons from ancient Greek and Hebrew literature, lecturing on environmental ethics at the University of Washington, producing videos and podcasts, losing golf balls and racing a star class sailboat.

Lesser known details…. 

  • I had a four hour professional football career
  • I got lost snow skiing in Switzerland and ended up in Italy
  • I successfully gave CPR to a man who was choking on meat loaf
  • I won a Ping-Pong tournament using my shoe as a paddle
  • I lived in the Netherlands
  • I am an amateur chef, but stay away from meatloaf due to the whole CPR thing.

My favorite saying...

It's better this way.

Even though it's not always true, it's mostly true for me. 

And mostly true seems increasingly rare.

Workshops and Keynotes

I enjoy adding value to organizations and events 

by blending humor with insightful take-aways.

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